Let your competitors learn from mistakes

Rhino gives you the power to avoid them. 

Rhino helps B2C organizations predict customer and patient cohorts by algorithmically processing data from third-party sources and early signals from digital activity.

Rhino goes beyond historical diagnostics to deliver predictive analytics

A platform built for both business people and data scientists to accelerate customer understanding, avoiding costly learning cycles and expensive mistakes.

Rhino’s Consumer Intention Analysis gives you three unique superpowers:

Smarter Offers

By predicting your VIPs, Rhino lets you give them more personalized recommendations and offers. 

Dynamic Service

By detecting the economic behavior and value of every customer and prospect, Rhino lets you match the right service and terms to the right person. 

Intelligent Fulfillment

For online retailers, Rhino predicts the likelihood of a return and suggest shipping speeds and cash or credit return policies to reduce the high cost of returns. 

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